Turning the tide

Combating human trafficking & exploitation of Africans.

Being each other's keeper

For too long we have been born witness to horrific reports, images and recordings of ordinary Africans falling prey to those who would exploit, brutalise, dehumanise or murder them.

The nature of atrocities committed against victims of human trafficking and exploitation is beyond incomprehensible.

* enslavement
* prostitution
* rape
* extortion
* organ harvesting

It is a sad reality of modern times that these types of henious crimes are on the rise. It is also sad that many ordinary people choose to turn away instead of joining hands to fight for positive change. Should we wait until the victim is related to us before taking a stand?

Turning the Tide is a project organised by ordinary Africans who refuse to turn a blind eye but instead through concerted and strategic efforts, we seek to do our bit in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation of Africans. We refuse to be cowed by the magnitude and complexity of this horror and instead are here to stand up and be counted.

First Steps

Any initial assessmnet of this issue soon reveals the landscape is vast and complex.

Reliable and updated information specific to Africans across the continent and as seen through an African lens isn’t easy to come by. Often officials and experts working within this area are difficult to gain access to.​

It is clear that in order for any intervention to be successful and of lasting impact, reliable and up to date information ​is key.

We begin engagement by seeking to learn more about the facts, assumptions, grey areas and naunces that manifest where this issue is concerned.


Their Stories

Princess Inyang

We had a telephone meeting with Princess, co-founder of PIAM in Italy.  A charity that provides support to people trafficked from Africa to Italy.

The video tells her story.  Click the download link below to read the meeting notes derived from our conversation.

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Michelangelo Severgnini

We have been in contact with the film maker Michelangelo.  He has been documenting some of the horrors that trafficked Africans face.

The documentary linked to here features Africans speaking in their own words.

The link below connects to a portal Michalengelo maintains which contains hours of recordings of the harrowing  experiences trafficked Africans have faced.

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If you would like to volunteer to participate in this project as part of the project team or as a general subscriber who is concerned about this issue and is willing to contribute ideas and engage in discussions, kindly signal your interest by emailing; volunteer@africangn.net

Please note it is not necessary to have any experience in team work in order to volunteer to be part of the project team. Typical roles for project team members are set out here; project roles