Turning the Tide

Project Team

Tiwaah Farida Laryea


A detail oriented person with highly developed skills in problem solving. Tiwaah is an ambitious team player seeking opportunities where she can integrate her acquired skills, knowledge and strategies to meaningfully impact an organization’s growth.
Nationality: Ghanaian
Qualifcation: Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science – University of Ghana
Specialism: Administration
Experience: 2 years
Language(s): Ga (native speaker), Fante (native speaker), Twi (proficient) and English (proficient)

Role: Joint Team Leader

George Natural Onuorah


George is a social change journalist with Omega 101.7 Fm, Nigeria, where he uses his radio platform to engage in policy advocacy for youth/ citizens empowerment. He also functions as the South-East Coordinator of the International Purpose Driven Youth Initiative (IPDYI), an organization that empowers at-risk/ underprivileged youths with relevant self-tailored skills that are in line with their aptitudes and aspiriations.
Nationality: Nigerian
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Film Studies – University of Nigeria
Specialism: Journalism
Experience: 10 years
Language(s): Igbo (native speaker), Hausa (proficient), Yoruba (moderate) and English (proficient)

Role: Joint Team Leader

Emily Sitma


A skilled HR Practitioner with solid organizational and communication skills. Emily possess an analytical mind, is self-motivated and has extensive management capabilities. She currently works as head of an administrative team at a construction company in Malawi. She is also one of the leaders at Youth Entrepreneurs Community (YEC), an organization established to help people within the age range of 15-35 come up with business ideas and also assist them develop the ideas they already have.
Nationality: Malawian
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management – University of Malawi, Chancellor College
Specialism: Human Resources Management
Experience: 1 year
Language(s): Chichewa (native speaker) and English (proficient)

Role: (Lead) Project Management

Mwansa Makubalo


Mwansa is passionate about projects that promote women’s participation and engagement.  She has zero tolerance for all forms of abuse and discrimination. Aside from working extensively in Zambia, she has also worked in the United Kingdom. During this time she worked with Welsh Refugee Council and Evangelical Alliance on issues around violence against women and Human Trafficking.
Nationality: Zambian / South African
Qualification: MSc in International Development – University of Bristol
Specialism: Designing, monitoring and evaluating development projects
Experience: 10 years
Language(s): Bemba (native speaker), Zulu (basic), English (proficient) and French (moderate)

Role: (Lead) Monitoring & Evaluation

Daniel Ekeke


Daniel is a goal oriented, passionate and driven student leader.  He is in his final year of studies and is interested in opportunities that will enable him contribute to making meaningful impact.
Nationality: Nigerian
Student: Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering – Federal University of Technology, Owerri
Specialism: Enhanced oil recovery, nanotechnology and reservoir management
Experience: n/a
Language(s): Annang (native speaker), Nigerian Pidgin (proficient), Ibibio (moderate), English (proficient)

Role: Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant

Florence Boampong


A strong believer in collectivism/ team work and meaningful change. Florence believes accomplishing a goal is not necessarily complete if the result has been achieved by an individual, unless such outcomes can also deliver or lead to positive gains for the greater good.
Nationality: Ghanaian
Student: Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations – Ghana institute of Journalism
Specialism: Public relations
Experience: 6 months
Language(s): Buem/ Elemi (native speaker) and English (moderate)

Role: Project Admin

Moussa Traore


Moussa is of Ivorian heritage and has been utilizing his expertise to analyze disproportionately in the treatment of BAME people within the British justice system. He has some experience of voluntary work and is keen to do more.
Nationality: British
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Criminology – Manchester University
Specialism: Social analyst
Experience: 3 years
Language(s): English (native speaker) and French (native speaker)

Role: Project Admin

Catherine Suttah


Catherine is the current general secretary of Elizabeth Frances Sey hall.  She is open to creating relationships that inspire, impact and influence us to be better versions of ourselves and create stronger communities.  She believes that the greatest expression of our strength is in our service to humanity.
Nationality: Ghanaian
Student: BSc in Administration, Majoring in Accounting – University of Ghana
Specialism: Volunteering and communication
Experience: 1 year
Language(s): Twi (native speaker) and English (proficient)

Role: Project Admin

Bezawit Yirga


Bezawit believes the changes we desire in our communities demand the participation of all concerned. She is well organized, sociable and committed and possess a well rounded sense of responsibility. She currently volunteers to assist with distribution of items to the needy through a program instituted by the local government.
Nationality: Ethiopian
Student: MSc in International Human Rights and Criminal Law – Jimma University
Specialism: International Human Rights and Criminal Law
Experience: n/a
Language(s): Amharic (native speaker) and English (proficient)

Role: Project Admin