About Us

Founded by Akpesiri (Ri) Iyovwaye during 2002 African Global Networks was conceived as a resource for interaction and as a catalyst for African led agency. Apolitical and secular in nature positive traditional African values underpin the networks activities.

The network is founded on an African consciousness and as such it favors duty as a means of agency, a fundamental principal that is at the heart of many African peoples histories. Our actions are guided by both a historical and contemporary perspective.

Over the years the network has attracted African nationals who hail from right across the continent; students, professionals, artisans etc; from the banker to the baker, AGN is available to a cross section of Africans irrespective of socio-economic standing.

The network is not a charity or profit making enterprise but it is operated 100% on a voluntary basis.

The network has been dormant for some time but resumed operation in July 2019

Harnessing diversity to effect change by promoting a culture of self-reliance and innovation. Celebrating difference as a means of challenging ignorance and promoting an environment that is tolerant of independent identities.

* Facilitate networking and the exchange of ideas
* Encourage enterprise, innovation and resourcefulness
* Raise awareness about African diversity
* Foster links between Africans and non-Africans

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