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Vwerosuoghene Abioye


Vwerosuoghene Abioye.  A creative writer passionate about life and the arts especially poetry.

She draws heavily on her own experiences and thoughts to present snapshots through her work.  Passionate about writing she says it allows her to efficiently express her thoughts and share her experiences with people.

Vwerosuoghene has been writing since middle school but only recently started publishing some of her work.  She is based in Nigeria.

Published: Aug 2019
Title: Unattended

Phindu Zaie Banda


Phindu Zaie Banda is a 21 year old Malawian feminist who is passionate about using poetry to advocate for social justice. Since starting writing in 2014, she has headlined many spoken word events and released an album titled “Bodies are (not) Homes.”

Phindu is inspired by everyday life and writes honestly about her own fears, joys and sorrows. She currently resides in Lilongwe, Malawi and is working on her first book, “Sticks, Stones and Broken Poems.”

Published: Sept 2019
Title: Amarantha

Sawaira Malik


Sawaira Malik is 28 years old and lives in Kenya.  She started writing poetry in 2011 after finishing high school. She believes that English literature, her favorite subject in high school, sparked the interest of poetry in her.  Her writings are personal and embody her experiences based on people she has met, her beliefs, inspirations, and lessons learnt in life together with what she observes daily be it social issues or relationships. Fortunately her poetry does click with those who have read it and it helps them find perspective as they connect with it. Touchwood!

She graduated in 2015 from the University of Nairobi after completing an LLB degree.  She then studied the Advocates Training Program in 2017 from Kenya School of Law.  She is currently studying Air Travel and enjoying her time learning about the travel and tourism industry. Writing is her passion and her growing collection encourages her to keep writing for the opportunities that could arise along the way.  She intends to get her work published through mediums that are looking for content and a message in poetry to reach out/ motivate and find a connection with readers.

Published: Oct 2019
Title: A Boy I Know

Theophilus Nana Arhin aka Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah


Born, Theophilus Nana Arhin Tsiwah and writing professionally under his creative pseudonym, Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah. He is a Ghanaian Smartphone Enthusiast & Content Critic. He’s the Poetry Editor at Lunaris Review (a Journal of Arts & the Literary, Nigeria) & the Creative Director/Founder at The Village Thinkers (a Creative Writing & Arts Society, Ghana). The 2018 Shortlisted Poet for both African Writers Awards /&/ West Africa Citizens Awards has had his works published in Afridiaspora, Peeking Cat Poetry, EXPOUND, Whispers, Novel Masters, African Writer, Agbówó, Tuck Magazine, Africa Redemption Magazine, The Liberian Literary Magazine & elsewhere. Tsiwah is an offspring of the University of Cape Coast where he majored in Geography

“In My Mother’s House”, © copyrighted on June 10, 2019. This poem was written out of a simple reality and feeling that belonging to an extended maternal family brings into one’s life. It paints every bit of events ‘metamorphosed’ as they do occur during family gatherings of kinsmen.

Published: Nov 2019
Title: In My Mother’s House

Ekene John Adigom


Ekene John Adigom was born in Anambra State, Nigeria. He studied Applied Biochemistry at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in Anambra State – Nigeria.
He is a passionate writer/poet who has the desire to grow limitlessly. He has a number of published literary works to his name. Writing is an avenue through which he expresses himself, his background, culture and imagination.

Published: Dec 2019
Title: Growing Older

Muchira Gachenge


Muchira Gachenge is a writer from Kenya. He has been a three-time Editor in Chief of Moi University Press Club.  The largest students’ publishing house at Moi University, Kenya. His short stories have appeared in East African Magazine. He has published numerous literary commentaries on Saturday Nation Newspaper, a publication of Nation Media Group in Kenya. His essays have also appeared on independent literary websites. He has experience in radio production and show hosting, having hosted “The Discourse Literary Show” for two years on Moi University Radio. 

His poems which have received great acclaim, have been pencilled in for publication in a forthcoming anthology. He studied English and Literature at Moi University, and has been teaching since 2015.  When he is free, he likes to design ways by which to impact the world positively. He has a keen interest in Gikuyu Popular Culture and has a number of published literary works to his name. Writing is an avenue through which he expresses himself, his background, culture and imagination.

Published: Jan 2020
Title: People

Kenny Ozojie


Kenny Ozojie is a young aspiring poet from Nigeria. He is a novice in the field of writing but has a unique style. Most times he goes by the pen name “Ozkar”. A name he formed from the depths of his imagination which according to him means “Freedom”.
Kenny works as a professional Microbiologist but has an artistic side to him. A side he likes to showcase through music and poetry. His writing springs from an imaginative and free thinking mindset.
To him, writing takes care of the unexpressed thoughts, the guilt-demon that haunts, and the urge to create art.

Published: Feb 2020
Title: Every Girl Wants a Moon

Esther Andaye​


Esther Andaye is a young upcoming poetess interested in art, specifically poetry, drawing and music. However, poetry is the backbone. She was born in the late 90’s in Nairobi, Kenya and is currently studying for a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry at the University of Eldoret. She started writing poetry in her first year at high-school. Support from friends has been the motivating factor behind her writing. From her first poem, she learnt she could bring out something impactful out of words from her mind.

She chose to venture along the journey of poetry so that she can use words to add light and hope to the world and also to help people see things differently.  In 2018 she started participating in several competitions. In 2019 she made her first presentation at Kistrech Poetry Festival in Nairobi. On her poetry journey so far, Esther has featured on different platforms such as; Writers space Africa, Writers hub, Arthut and The giant pen.

Published: Mar 2020
Title: Fallen Heroes

Ezekanne Paschal Fechukwu


Ezekanne Paschal Fechukwu known widely as Paschal-Regal is a Nigerian poet and writer who is currently a Law student at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. He is an avid reader who also values deep silence and music.  

He constantly draws inspiration from the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as he straddles the two worlds – Poetry and Law – the best he can. You can follow him on Twitter 

Published: Apr 2020
Title: Fatia

Nathaniel Ziphoezinhle Mpofu


Nathaniel Ziphoezinhle Mpofu was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He studied Library and Information Science at Bulawayo Polytechnic College.

Currently he is a librarian at the largest castle full of books in his city: the Bulawayo Public Library.

Therein he is always surrounded by writers and books; stories and atoms of diction. In 2015 Nathaniel published his first novel for young adults, The Parallel World. In a curious turn of literary events it became the inspiration for his ROIL BAA Outstanding fiction award winning novel, Inkless Quills. Which would be published later in 2018.

In between these opuses, Nathaniel published five (5) books. Another novel for young adults in 2015, The Unreader; 2 short story anthologies in 2016, Maktub, I.The 1st edition, and Maktub, I.The 2nd edition. In 2017, he then published a memoir, No.44 Andrea Drive and a poetry anthology, Poetic Potions. His latest book, The Colour of Alchemy is another poetry anthology. It was published in 2019. His works can be purchased on Amazon here; works

Published: May 2020
Title: Neuroscience

Mugabi Byenkya


Mugabi Byenkya is an award-winning writer, poet and occasional rapper. Mugabi’s writing is used to teach international high school English reading comprehension.

His debut experimental epistolary speculative novel, ‘Dear Philomena,’ was published in 2017 and he recently concluded a 42 city, 4 country North America/East Africa tour in support of this.

In 2018, Mugabi was named one of 56 writers who has contributed to his native Uganda’s literary heritage in the 56 years since independence by Writivism. Dear Philomena, was named a Ugandan bestseller in the same year. Mugabi wants to be Jaden Smith when he grows up.

Published: Jun 2020
Title: Naphtalie

Antonio Doe Akoko


Antonio Doe Akoko is a Kenyan national and a graduate of Laikipia University, Kenya. He graduated with a B.A.in Communication and Media and has been writing for the better part of his life. He believes writing is a great way to share.

Pen and paper have always been two of his best friends. Capturing anecdotes, secrets, wishes and experiences on paper is something he finds immensely liberating. Antonio has written articles, poems and official documents for clubs, media outlets and websites. He believes in the magic of the written word and is hopeful he can make a life out of writing.

Published: Jul 2020
Title: Breaking

Henrietta Enam Quarshie


Henrietta Enam Quarshie is currently a medical student at the University of Health and Allied Science. She comes from the Volta region of Ghana where she lives in its capital, Ho. She has been published by Praxis magazine, Tampered Press and in anthologies: To grow in two bodies and The Big Yellow Post. She writes micro poetry on Instagram under the pseudonym Poetbyimpulse.Twitter handle @HenriettaEnam

Published: Aug 2020
Title: Stay

Mercy Geno Apachi


Mercy Agenorwot is a Ugandan writer who writes under the pseudonym Mercy Geno Apachi.  She started writing in primary school where she would pen short stories in her class-work books and make them available to classmates for a low fee.  She blossomed into a young journalist at university where she won a Media Challenge award in 2015 for business reporting. 

Mercy later attended residential fellowships at Media Challenge  2018, Tebere Emerging  artists Lab 2019 and was subsequently introduced to theatre and African Writers Trust Publishing Fellowship 2020. She has staged two poetry shows and featured on several platforms as a spoken word artist. Her poems have featured in the US Anthology, Home: Millennial Voices, a Kenyan Anthology: Writers Space Africa and One Voice Global which is
an Italian magazine.

Published: Sept 2020
Title: Yet Another Black Man

Sinead Mwale


Sinead Mwale is a Zambian national and is currently in her third year pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with Development Studies at the University of Zambia.

She is an emerging writer who is passionate about poetry and believes this is one of the best ways to express herself. To her, poetry provides an opportunity to communicate and express ideas in ways that are immediate, accessible and transcendental. For her, it’s all about the power of the word!

Sinead loves to read novels as well as poems and one of her dreams is to publish both poems and books.

Published: Oct 2020
Title: Give up already!