Project Roles (voluntary basis only)


Team Leader(s)
Responsibilities: Considering comments, wishes and inputs of project subscribers. Devising overall direction of the project. Mapping out a framework, defining milestones, timelines, processes and objectives where applicable. Providing written summaries (at times this can be one or two paragraphs) to the project admin of activities that fit into pre defined sections of our standard report templates. These submissions will be collated by the project admin and set out as a project report. Where there are joint team leaders, maintaining contact with other team leaders to ensure a consensual process is maintained that yields a project beneficial to all stakeholders.


Project Management
Overseeing all aspects of running the project, typically with involvement from inception through to completion. 


Monitoring & Evaluation
Responsibilities: Maintaining oversight to ensure things are running smoothly and in line with specified deadlines/ objectives. Flagging issues that are performance related. Periodically checking in with team members to obtain feedback. Evaluating stages of projects, driving overall post project evaluation and producing evaluation reports.
Forwarding a periodic update to other members of the project’s leadership team and to the organisation’s co-ordinator for potential input/ feedback (at times reports can be a few paragraphs in length).

Language Support
Responsibilities: Assisting with translation and communication between team members with different language proficiencies, verbally or in writing.

Leading or supporting efforts to publicize projects and campaigns.

Responsibilities: Compiling submissions from other members of the team into pre determined sections of our standard report template, obtaining advice from team members about placement of information that does not fall into predefined sections of the report template. Where necessary editing submissions relating to report sections and/ or the overall document to aid clarity, brevity and ensure congruency. Presenting draft report to team for review before further adjustments where necessary and sign off.