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January 2021

Sawaira Malik

Cake by Sawaira Malik

I wish someone had told me that:
An A in Math and Science was not the goal of life
English Art and Music too made futures bright
Failing in exams was as normal as passing
And failures too had inspired World making things right

I wish someone had told me that:
Characters of people matter not their color and caste
Honesty is lived by some but traded like a diamond by others
The closest and truest friends turn out to be mothers
Strangers today could become more than your own from the past

I wish someone had told me that:
Prostitution is not always by choice but also no choice
Trans genders are humans meant to live with rights and voice
Love marriage is not a crime and will not always go wrong
Life is a bittersweet cake that doesn’t last very long

I wish someone had told me:
The lessons I learnt on my own
By the time I was up grown.
I often see my cake in smiles and tears
My faith in the Creator enough to live through fears

© 2018. Sawaira Malik. All rights reserved.  Reproduction or transmission of this work in any part or form is strictly prohibited without the author’s prior written consent.

About the author

Sawaira Malik lives in Kenya. She is a LLB graduate from University of Nairobi and has also studied Air Travel and Tourism. Sawaira loves poetry. She started writing poetry in 2011 after finishing high school and believes it is the best form of expression when it comes to writing. Her poetry is based on her experiences as well as those she knows. Sawaira enjoys exploring themes such as culture, war, relationships, societal issues, spirituality and emotions in her poetry.

Sawaira enjoys writing and her growing collection encourages her to keep going for the opportunities that could arise along the way.  She intends to get her work published through mediums that are looking for meaningful content on a global scale.

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