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October 2020

Sinead Mwale

Give up already!!!! by Sinead Mwale

Give up already!
You have already lost far too much
says the pessimistic voice in my head
bombarding me with negative thoughts that seem so logical
because apparently it is wiser to be realistic

It is wiser to play safe
it is wiser to keep safe that which is left
my parents always tell me to be content with what I have
but unfortunately they birthed a dreamer
a person so crazy with hope
a stubborn human being who believes in the power of possibility

I do not want to play safe
I want to try
I want to be as wild as a baby crawling
eager to get hold of a ball that is in the corner of the room

No I am not saying everything will be smooth sailing
all I am saying is that I am willing to sail through the raging storm
because after that comes the sunrise
I want to see the tragedy
but I also want to see what comes after
that is my strategy

“Give up already!

You are but a small girl from a small town
what is it that you want to achieve?
It is too late. Just get along with it

”Truth be told, I too tend to believe in this voice
that screams so loudly in my mind
because unlike me this voice has so much persistence
yet it tells me to give up already

So many things have trembled before my eyes
but my faith and willpower will never be part of those things
I am about to change the narrative
because before I am a winner, I will have to lose

© 2020. Sinead Mwale. All rights reserved.  Reproduction or transmission of this work in any part or form is strictly prohibited without the author’s prior written consent.

About the author

Sinead Mwale is a Zambian national and is currently in her third year pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with Development Studies at the University of Zambia.

She is an emerging writer who is passionate about poetry and believes this is one of the best ways to express herself. To her, poetry provides an opportunity to communicate and express ideas in ways that are immediate, accessible and transcendental. For her, it’s all about the power of the word!

Sinead loves to read novels as well as poems and one of her dreams is to publish both poems and books.

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African Global Networks (AGN) – October 2020