Why have a general African network?

Many existing networks tend to focus on specific fields, sectors or areas of expertise.  A general network such as ours recognizes there are intangible benefits to bringing people together that have a similar mindset.  This is what the network seeks to cultivate and promote through online and face to face interaction.

Specifically the network aims to do the following:

  • Facilitate networking and the exchange of ideas
  • Encourage enterprise, innovation and resourcefulness
  • Raise awareness about African diversity
  • Foster links between Africans and non-Africans

It is recognized we are fairly disconnected between what were formerly considered to be Anglophone, Lusophone and Francophone spheres of influence in Africa.  It is also recognised there are sub divisions within each of these groupings e.g. nationality, ethnicity etc.

The network seeks to act as a conduit between these disparate groups in order to encourage greater solidarity.

It seems prudent to build relationships in times of relative peace rather than in times of duress.

We have seen Africans all over the world being victimized or worse only for the majority of other Africans to remain silent because the victim was not from their country, ethnic group or other identifier.

With established relationships in place everyone will know what to expect from each other / people from across Africa who are of a similar mindset.  Obviously the action of people in one African country will not have the same leverage as Africans from several African countries acting in concert.

We will have a system in place whereby when something happens to an African that we wouldn’t necessarily identify with, we will know that by at least raising our voices and acting strategically (e.g. refusing to buy a product from a company or country that did not do enough to bring justice to an African victim or mass emailing their embassy or the company with complaints and demanding more be done etc) and in a concerted manner we can bring pressure to bear and that we can expect the same in return from other Africans when the need arises.

It is evident that none of our professional networks no matter how accomplished or systems of governance have the capacity to mobilize everyday people across the continent/ globe in a way that amplifies our voices to effect interventions when the need arises.

Fundamentally the network aims to thread the above together in a way that cuts across socio economic groups, faiths and identities and in a way that is secular, apolitical and nonpartisan.

I hope this is something that appeals to you.


Ri Iyovwaye

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