General Update

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24th May 2020

Prospective interventions/ projects:

1) Agricultural Prism: (insights; sharing practices, processes, issues, solutions relating to agriculture)

2) Turning the Tide: (intervention to address human trafficking and exploitation of Africans) (Subset of The Poverty Trap initiative)

3) Language Bank: (language translation/ interpretation resource)

Please see below for details on these projects


I trust everyone is coping in what are unprecedented times. We live in hope that the tide will soon pass.

I hope you will have a moment to review the latest update.  Do feel free to feedback as you see fit.  Thanks.


We now have a projects page on our website. It can be accessed via the website menu bar and it details the immediate group of projects that are in hand as well as several future ones.

One of our future projects ‘Tech Talk’ which focuses on the use of micro controllers that AGN will be sending to Africa is still listed under the Fulcrum section of our website. That initiative is due to be re-specified. It will be ported to the project’s page in due course.

Did you know that each month AGN features a poem from an aspiring writer in Africa.  We pay £20.00 for each one we publish.  This month’s poem is here; poetry platform

For those interested in putting work forward for consideration or if you know of someone who would be interested, submission guidelines are here; guidelines

AGN Members comprise of volunteers and general subscribers. We currently have upwards of 100 volunteers of which over 95% are based in countries across Africa. In any case over 95% of all members are based in Africa.

If you would like to become a volunteer kindly send me a message to that effect. All we ask for is a minimum commitment of 1 hour per year. It is not possible to discharge any duties at AGN, volunteering can be done from the comfort of your own home if you so wish. Access to the internet is of course a must.

Roles for projects are set out on the following page: project roles

Turning the Tide is an intervention that seeks to to address human trafficking and exploitation of Africans.

We are currently looking to put together a project team. The deadline to volunteer for this is 29th May at 17.00 hours (GMT). Further details are set out below.

An example of a project team is that of the very lovely Agricultural Prism project team here; AP Team

Projects Update:

1) Agricultural Prism: (insights; sharing practices, processes, issues, solutions relating to agriculture)

A selection of 6 farmers was whittled down from 14. In effect this is our case study group 1. The selected candidates comprise of 4 men and 2 women with farming experience ranging from 2 to 18 years. One of each are based in Kenya, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Zambia, two are based in Zimbabwe.

We will be engaging with them, producing reports and assessing photos and/ or videos of their working environment/ processes in order to put forward guidance on processes and innovations that can improve productivity and boost income. The next step is due to commence after Covid-19 related restrictions have been lifted.

This project like any of the others has its own whatsapp group. It remains open for those participating or interested in agriculture to network and discuss agricultural related matters irrespective of the progress with case study group 1.

If you would like to join the Agricultural Prism whatsapp group do feel free to let me know.

2) Turning the Tide: (intervention to address human trafficking and exploitation of Africans)

As a result of our whatsapp meeting on 15th May for this initiative, it was decided that a project team should be assembled. It will be the team’s duty to prepare a draft framework that spells out what action we should pursue. The team will also be tasked with keeping things on track once any future project commences.

If you would like to be added to the whatsapp group for this project do feel free to let me know.

As intimated in the ‘General’ section above, expressions of interest are currently being accepted to join the project team. The project roles link provided above links through to a list of roles (including descriptions) that indicate what volunteers will typically be called on to do.

While no experience is necessary, if you do have experience in relation to any role you put yourself forward for it would be helpful if you could specify the duration and nature of any related professional and/ or community service/ voluntary work previously undertaken.

3) Language Bank: (language translation/ interpretation resource)

This project is at the early stages of its development. Please familiarise yourself with the overview about it on its project page here; Language Bank project

You are now welcome to express your interest to join the project team and/ or to be added to the language bank database. A project team will be assembled in due course.

If you would like to be added to the language bank, for each language you speak kindly indicate your fluency on the following basis;

* Native (mother tongue)
* Proficient
* Moderate
* Basic

That’s all from me for now.

Stay blessed.