agricultural prism

Sharing agricultural practices, processes & perspectives.

working in harmony with the land

Historically indegenous techniques and practices have underpinned civilizatons in Africa. A reverance for nature is a quality that was apparent in many different gouprings of peoples across the African continent.

These days it’s common to hear people talk about sustainable living and living in harmony with nature, concepts not a million miles away from how people lived in days gone by.

Agriculture is being utilised effectively to support economies in various parts of the world and to a limited degree, in parts of Africa. However, it is clear far more can and needs to be done to develop the sector across the continent. AGN seeks to do its bit to move the needle in this regard.

To this end AGN is establishing a platform via which practioners/ stakeholders in the agricultural sector can network, share agricultural practices, process, & innovations. It will also act as a fourm to problem solve.

Role of AGN:

1) A repository of agricultural information that details conventional and unconventional approaches to agriculture and that also highlights the nuances and specifics experienced by farmers and specialists

2) A conduit to facilitate networking between agricultural practitioners, and also between agricultural practitioners and people interested in undertaking an agricultural initiative

3) A resource to promote agriculture and related activities/ innovations through direct and indirect engagement in order to make a positive impact on creating meaningful employment and income generation for Africans across the continent

If you would like to volunteer to participate in this project as part of the project team or as a general subscriber who is concerned about this issue and is willing to contribute ideas and engage in discussions, kindly signal your interest by emailing;

Please note it is not necessary to have any experience in team work in order to volunteer to be part of the project team. Typical roles for project team members are set out here; project roles