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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in having your work published on our website.  This initiative is open to Africans irrespective of whether they are currently based in Africa or not.

Before submitting any work for consideration you are advised to review the information below.  We will be happy to clarify any queries you may have.

You can submit 1, 2 or 3 poems maximum for us to review.  Each poem must be no longer than one A4 sheet of paper in length and written in English.  Work interspersed with a handful of words and/ or phrases in an African language is fine.  We pay £20.00 for each poem we publish.

Entrants must be over 18 years of age and their work must be their own and free of copyright restrictions.  No transfer of ownership in part or in whole will result from participation in this initiative  In other words ownership of an artist’s work will remain their own.  All submissions published on our website are subject to our terms of use which can be viewed by clicking here.

We will review your submission and decide whether it is a good fit.  If we wish to publish any of your work, subject to confirmation of your ID and receipt of an appropriately completed ‘agreement to publish’ mandate.  Published work will appear on our website for a minimum period of one month.

We don’t publish anything that is crude, discriminatory, political, religious, antagonistic or profane.  Work can be pessimistic, optimistic, angry, happy or convey any mix of emotions and/ or be based on a wide range of subject matter.  Feel free to forward submissions or raise any queries via the email address

Payment will be made by paypal or bank/ money transfer.

Successful authors will be asked to provide a photo and short paragraph about themselves.  These details together with your name and poem will be published on our website.


ID verification:

You do not need to provide confirmation of your ID or a personal reference until after we have agreed to publish any of your work.

You do need to provide confirmation of your ID and a personal reference for us to contact to confirm your ID if we agree to publish any of your work.

What to provide:

A copy of your government issued photo ID e.g. passport or ID card and a document that confirms your address e.g. utility bill.

One personal reference (from the professions e.g. doctor, teacher, lawyer e.t.c) we can contact to confirm your identity.  The contact details must be for their place of work.

Please note; from time to time these guidelines may be amended.  Subscribers/ prospective entrants and browsers of our website are advised to periodically review these guidelines for updates/ amendments.

African Global Networks (AGN) – July 2019

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