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Sawaira Malik

A Boy I Know

There was once a boy

Who lived in a world of his own.

He spent his time making pieces of Art

That always came from his Heart.

He loved making friends wherever he went.

Like a free spirited bird-

He never stayed at one place for long.


There was a boy that I knew

Who had a dark side to his bright days,

Tears became his companion when the world shut him out….

Only to let him in again for their evil pleasures!

Lost he was every now and then

Wondering how to become strong again.

Life became a battle.

Every day was a hassle.


There is a boy I have known

Much determined like never before.

He set his sights in the world of Fashion

Which slowly became his passion.

The world which once cared not whether he was fine,

Now sees him from a distance as he shines.


There is a boy who I know

Who has nothing to hide,

A boy who was troubled

A boy who thought himself not worthy

A boy who defeated all odds!

A boy who found himself,

A boy I proudly call, my son!

© 2013 Sawaira Malik.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction or transmission of this work in any part or form is strictly prohibited without the author’s prior written consent.

About the author

Sawaira Malik is 28 years old and lives in Kenya.  She started writing poetry in 2011 after finishing high school. She believes that English literature, her favorite subject in high school, sparked the interest of poetry in her.  Her writings are personal and embody her experiences based on people she has met, her beliefs, inspirations, and lessons learnt in life together with what she observes daily be it social issues or relationships. Fortunately her poetry does click with those who have read it and it helps them find perspective as they connect with it. Touchwood!

She graduated in 2015 from the University of Nairobi after completing an LLB degree.  She then studied the Advocates Training Program in 2017 from Kenya School of Law.  She is currently studying Air Travel and enjoying her time learning about the travel and tourism industry. Writing is her passion and her growing collection encourages her to keep writing for the opportunities that could arise along the way.  She intends to get her work published through mediums that are looking for content and a message in poetry to reach out/ motivate and find a connection with readers.

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